The 50mm series is short films all shot with a 50mm lens. They tend to be a little hyper, fast paced look into what's happening around here. And sometimes showcasing whatever the filmmakers shoes are at the time. Pretty simple idea, just like the lens. 

We went out walking through the 3rd Annual Hamtramck Music Festival. There was song, dance, laughter and tears. Although I wasn't sure if they were joyful tears or something else but whatever I'm sure they made up.
We ran into some buds too like Jenny Junior & Jackie Rainsticks, Jon Bardy and the Keys to Your Heart, Sugercoats and 3FT.
Really wish we could've seen more but it's so hard not to post up in this town.


Here's the 50mm films from the past. And we're out there right now making more. Watch out for that little 50mm.